7 Dietary Tips for Healthy Aging

7 Dietary Tips for Healthy Aging

As the years go by, our body changes, and soo d our dietary needs. For this, we need to be mindful of our diet as we approach the elderly age. When necessary, consult with a licensed dietician to keep us guided on healthy food options.

As a leading provider of home health care in Newark, California, we would like to share the following tips to promote healthy diet in seniors:

  1. Invest in bone-healthy foods, such as dairy, cereal, and calcium-enriched foods. The loss of bone density can be common in seniors. Ensure that you prevent the quick progression of this bone decline through bone-healthy meals.
  2. Another food that should be part of your diet is fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. These foods promote better digestion, which enables the efficient release of sugar into the person’s blood system. Ensure that your loved one is following the dietary recommendation on fiber for their age.
  3. As a provider of home health services in California, we also recommend reducing salt in your meal preparations. Sodium components can trigger an increase in blood pressure. This is unhealthy for seniors who already have heart problems.
  4. Eat probiotics, such as kimchi and yogurt. Probiotics increase the efficiency of the digestive system. This can promote better digestion in seniors to enhance their gastrointestinal health.
  5. Avoid plant-based fats as these can clog up the artery walls. If you need to fry foods, use vegetable-based oils so that cholesterol can also be flushed out of the bloodstreams.
  6. Avoid artificial sugar especially those found in processed drinks and packed sweets. Whenever you want to serve snacks for seniors, ensure that these are healthy options, especially those that come from fruits and vegetables.
  7. Prioritize serving foods made from mostly fruits and vegetables. These foods are the main sources of immune boosters, which are very necessary for seniors as their immunity can decline through the years.

In our home health care agency, we can help you prepare meals that are healthy for seniors. If you need our assistance, contact us at Meridian Home Health.

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