Activities that Keep Your Memory Sharp

Activities that Keep Your Memory Sharp

Normal aging does affect the way your brain works. Healthy people experience changes in memory and other cognitive functions. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do about it. Here, Meridian Home Health shares activities that help keep your memory sharp:

  • Sudoku
    Who says you need to be a math whiz to figure this game out? Sure, it may seem intimidating at first. But, once we get into it, you’re sure to have a mental workout. Besides, it only involves basic math skills and logic. Something you definitely can handle!
  • Tactile puzzles
    Do you prefer getting hands-on while on the job? Well, this option is right up your alley. You can work with hoops, rings, picture puzzles or even a Rubiks cube. The options are endless. Our home health services in California will keep you comfy and healthy will you work on the task.
  • Chess
    Fancy a friendly competition? Chess makes a great choice for senior parents who want to test their skills against an opponent. This game can be played with another family member to serve as a fun bonding time.
  • Card games
    Are there more of you in the family? Call everyone together for a game of cards with your senior loved one. This won’t only sharpen your elderly parent’s memory. It brings a toothy grin to their faces too!

Did we miss other activities that can help maintain mental agility?

Type them down in the comment section below. We always love reading your feedback!

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