Diet Tips for Seniors Who Suffer from Heart Failure

Diet Tips for Seniors Who Suffer from Heart Failure

Heart failure is a common age-related illness. It is the heart’s failure to pump sufficient blood for the rest of the body so that enough oxygen is received. When a person has heart failure, it can cause a great disruption to the overall circulatory system, and when untreated, can lead to life-threatening consequences.

While there are treatments for heart failure, there are also healthy practices and nutritional guidelines that ought to be followed so that the person can have quality life despite the condition. Our team is able to provide quality home health care in Newark, California. Therefore, we can help you in caring for your loved one when they have heart problems and are recovering at home.

With that, here are important nutritional tips that you can follow when your senior loved one has heart failure:

  • Ensure that your loved one’s diet is composed of mainly fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet is essential for a stronger heart and improved blood flow.
  • Serve protein-rich foods (especially lean proteins) to your loved one to increase their recovery rate. The options for lean proteins can be skinless chicken and fatty fish.
  • Regulate your loved one’s sodium intake to about 1,500 mg every day. If you need accurate instruction for their sodium intake, consult with their doctor.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption as alcoholic beverages can cause negative reactions to medications for the heart.
  • Monitor their intake of sugar and animal-badse fats. These can affect the regular flow of blood, which can complicate heart failure symptoms.

Do you have a senior loved one who has been diagnosed with heart failure? If they are undergoing treatment and monitoring at home, we can support you with our home health services in California. We have an experienced team who knows how to better care for your loved one so that their health goals are attained.

At Meridian Home Health, your home health care agency in California, you can trust us to partner with you in promoting quality health care to your family members at home. Contact us if you require our services.

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