Fall Prevention: Reduce the Risk of Falls at Home

Fall Prevention: Reduce the Risk of Falls at Home

Falls are a serious health issue for seniors. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), one in four seniors in the U.S. experience a bad fall each year. This makes falls the main cause of fatal and non-fatal hospital admissions among the elderly. As a trusted provider of home health care in Newark, California, we will share a few tips to reduce the risk of falls at home:

  • Light it right
    Inadequate lighting around the house is a major hazard for seniors, especially those with vision or mobility issues. A home that is suitable for a senior should have adequate lighting especially in key areas like the stairs, hallways, and the bathroom. Installing brighter lights helps guide their movements at night and makes it easier to navigate their surroundings.
  • Install safety devices
    Safety devices like grab bars and handrails should be installed in areas like the bathtub, toilet, or stairs. Safety devices assist seniors in going up and down the stairs or getting in and out of the bathroom. This also increases their comfort and security.
  • Organize key areas
    Clutter is another tripping hazard for seniors. Make sure to remove any clutter in the hallways and different rooms, such as loose carpeting, rugs, stacks of old books or magazines, loose wires, and similar.
  • Seek help
    Hiring a home health care agency is a great way to reduce your senior loved one’s risk of falling. A home health aide can provide mobility assistance and become your loved one’s companion to ensure their health and safety.

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