How Do You Keep a Senior Loved One Hydrated?

How Do You Keep a Senior Loved One Hydrated?

Water comprises about 70% of our entire body. It also facilitates several cellular functions while we go about our day. With that said, there’s no doubt that staying hydrated is important.

Seniors, however, are at a challenge. They are more prone to dehydration. As an effect of aging, their body is no longer able to conserve water sufficiently. To combat that, Meridian Home Health a couple of tips:

  • Serve them a drink with every meal.
    Does plain water seem like a boring option? Not to worry. You have other healthy choices up of your sleeve. Unsweetened fruit juices and smoothies can be your go-to. Thanks to the delicious taste, your senior parent will be inclined to ask for seconds.
  • Give them soups as an appetizer.
    This acts as a solution for dehydration and poor diet. Soups are blessed with rich stock that contains nutrients and vitamins. Not only are they easier to swallow. But, they make one feel full for longer too.
  • Offer them fresh fruit as snacks.
    Fruits contain a lot of water content. On top of that, they give you a boost in fiber and vitamins too. If you’re worried about an older adult’s nutrition, you can reach out to us. Our home health care in Newark, California comes with nutrition assessment too!
  • Leave them a pitcher of water and a glass by the bedside.
    This encourages an elderly parent to take more drinks. It’s more convenient!

Do you have other concerns about a loved one’s health?

We are the home health care agency you can count on. We’ll work with your doctor and give your senior parent personalized care. Call us to learn more about how we operate. If you’ve found this blog helpful, share it with family.

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