How Do You Regain Speech after a Stroke?

How Do You Regain Speech after a Stroke?

Stroke survivors face different communication problems. For one, they may have trouble finding the correct words to use in a sentence. Other times, they struggle with understanding the words. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to get better. To make things easier for you, Meridian Home Health rounded up a couple of suggestions you can try:

  • Keep reading.
    Reactivating your language skills is best done through speech. But, if that isn’t possible at the moment, don’t worry. Receptive activities like reading and listening also help. The more exposed you are to words, the better you can get back on track.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
    Start easy and slowly move your way up to more challenging tasks. To begin, you can write down words used to describe your environment. Using meaningful words stop the practice from getting boring. Plus, it lets you stay motivated too.
  • Get talking.
    If you can produce speech, then, by all means, you should! You can make conversations with friends, family, and even pets. Using words more often reinforces speech into your brain. 
  • Take time to rest.
    Avoid overworking yourself. Give yourself a break in between practice sessions. This keeps you from feeling overworked or burnt out. You can also request home health care in Newark, California to take care of your other needs. 

Are there other options available?

Speech therapy is one of the best solutions for you. The care plan that comes with it is personalized to fit your needs. Each session encourages you to practice and retrain your vocal muscles. 

If you’d like to know more about speech therapy and how it works, call us. You can count on our home health care agency. We have experienced speech therapists that will look after you.

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