How Nutritional Needs Change for Older Seniors

How Nutritional Needs Change for Older Seniors

Why do nutritional needs have to change? Why can’t your loved one just eat the same, healthy, well-balanced, and delicious meal advised by his or her nutritionist? To put it simply, meal plans shift in accordance with his or her unique and changing health needs.

Meridian Home Health is a provider of home health care in Newark, California that puts nutrition among the top of the list of priorities when caring for the sick and aging population.

Let’s take a more detailed look into the reasons why nutritional needs change for seniors:

  • Losing the sense of smell.
    By the time a person reaches 80 years old, according to research, he or she would have lost the sense of smell, and along with it, the taste sensation.
  • Issues with teeth and gums.
    Because the teeth and gums are no longer as strong and as healthy as they used to be, your loved one may have to shift to a softer diet.
  • Digestive problems.
    Issues with digestion can factor into the changes that might have to be done to your senior family member’s meal plan to ensure that organs responsible for digesting food remain healthy.

You can always rely on a home health care agency like Meridian Home Health to have your back when it comes to enhancing every aspect of care needed by the elderly members of our community, especially diet and nutrition.

In what other ways can nutritional needs change for seniors? Feel free to share your insights and experiences in the comment section.

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