Oral Care Tips for Seniors with Dementia

Oral Care Tips for Seniors with Dementia

Has your loved one been diagnosed with any type of dementia? They may require home health services in California in the long term especially to provide assistance with their oral and dental health. Because dementia is a progressive ailment, the person may eventually lose the ability to make decisions or choices. This inability may lead to health complications such as oral problems.

If you’re assisting a loved one with dementia, one of the things you need to monitor is their oral health. Here are helpful tips for you:

  • Provide simple and easy instructions.

    When your loved one is still able to perform brushing their teeth, instruct them step by step. This way, they can easily follow through the steps. In the long term, however, you may need to tap the assistance of a home health care agency.

  • Model to your loved one how brushing of the teeth is done.

    This may also mean that you will have to guide their hands in brushing their teeth.

  • Ensure that their oral practices are monitored every day.

    When you’re not available to do the monitoring, a provider of home health care in Newark, California can step in and monitor for you.

  • Bring your loved one to regular visits with their dentist.

    These visits help you keep proper maintenance of their oral health. When visiting the clinic is no longer possible, look for dentists who can make home visits for your loved one.

  • Ensure their dental problems are properly treated.

    Avoid postponing checkups for signs of tooth decay or gum problems. Your loved one can experience more quality life when they have their health problems properly addressed.

As your partners in providing quality health care, we recognize that caring for a loved with dementia can bring with it unique challenges. But know that you’re never without help. Our team at Meridian Home Health is ready to provide you assistance for both home and health care needs. If you would like to know how we can help make things easier for you at home, set an appointment with us today.

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