Parenteral Nutrition and When It Is Needed

Parenteral Nutrition and When It Is Needed

Meridian Home Health continues to be your dependable home health care in Newark, California. With our medical services directed by physicians, complex services can be effectively administered at the comfort of your own home.

A true provider of home health services in California covers the overall wellbeing of the patient. Nutrition is one such component. However, there will be conditions when our loved ones may not be able the proper nutrition by regular means. To prevent malnutrition and its complications, parenteral nutrition is administered to the patient.

This can be done at home through your trusted home health care agency. When the digestive system can no longer absorb or tolerate food eaten by mouth, this can save the patient’s life.

Cancer in the digestive tract may lead to bowel obstructions and prevent an adequate intake of food. Treatments such as chemotherapy can also lead to poor absorption of nutrients. Pain in the bowel may be caused by Crohn’s disease. This inflammatory condition affects digestion and absorption. Sometimes, abnormal bowel function happens when the food is eaten has trouble moving through the intestines. Surgical adhesions, abnormalities in the bowel, radiation enteritis, and many more can cause this condition.

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