Physical Therapy: How Does It Reduce Fall Risk?

Physical Therapy: How Does It Reduce Fall Risk?

Do you need help in maintaining proper balance to prevent falls? We can help you. Our home health care agency can refer you to licensed physical therapists.

So how does physical therapy promote fall reduction at home?

Consider the following:

  • Evaluates Home Hazards
    Licensed physical therapists provide home health care in Newark, California. One of the things they do is assess your living conditions to know if there are fall hazards in place. If so, these hazards are removed.
  • Improves Confidence
    Through physical therapy, people with balance issues will be given exercise routines to follow regularly. These routines will improve their muscles, giving them the strength and confidence to move around.
  • Promotes Mobility
    When you regain your physical confidence, you also have better chances of moving around. With physical therapy, a person can develop physical strength gradually. As a result, they will be able to move freely as they want to.
  • Improves Flexibility
    The routines that physical therapists provide also involve flexibility enhancement activities. When they have regained their flexibility, they can also develop the agility to stand steady in case the tendency to fall happens.
  • Increased Activity
    For people with balance issues, their activities may also get limited. But, when they have regained the strength to move around, they will be able to do more activities normally.
  • Promotes Good Posture
    Bad posture may lead to falls. With the help of licensed physical therapists, the patient can develop the right posture when standing, walking, or sitting.
  • Develops Strength
    A physical therapist who provides home health services in California can help patients regain their strength. Through regular routines, patients can slowly develop their strength back.

Falls are real risks for seniors and persons with disabilities. If you need the help of a licensed physical therapist, set an appointment with us today at Meridian Home Health.

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