Post-Stoma Surgery Expectations

Post-Stoma Surgery Expectations

As you open your eyes, you may feel a little different. You have just woken up after a necessary procedure. Understandably, many things may be crossing your mind right now.

We are more than the regular home health care agency. At Meridian Home Health, we ensure quality services bring value to our patients and their families. We build genuine connections by being physically and mentally present to attend to our patient’s medical and other needs.

After your stoma surgery, things may be different for some time. As your trusted home health care in Newark, California, we are with you in every step.

Changes in your abdomen will be apparent. Do not worry about the size of the stoma since it will be swollen for the first few days. Stitches around it may be dissolvable or removable after some time.

Pain management will be different than what you have been used to before. Patient-controlled analgesia allowing intravenous pain relief may be offered to you. Alternatives could be an epidural to the spine or oral pain relief.

Changes in mobility are expected. It may feel uncomfortable or difficult at first, but with the right partner for home health services in California, we can help you move around. Getting mobile as soon as you can is important to support recovery, prevent chest infections, and get the bowel to work.

You can focus on getting better while we focus on your care.

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