Senior Care: Barriers to Personal Hygiene

Senior Care: Barriers to Personal Hygiene

Practicing good personal hygiene is important at any age. However, advancing age can make it difficult for older adults to maintain good hygiene on their own. Fortunately, businesses that specialize in home health care in Newark, California can help address their needs.

Below, we will discuss the reasons why your senior loved one may refuse to bathe:

  • Weaker senses
    As we get older, our sense of sign and smell tends to decline. Hence, some older adults may be unaware of body odors or stains that are more visible to you. With the aging process comes the weakening of their senses, which can lead to seniors showering less frequently than they used to.
  • Fear or anxiety
    For many seniors, going to the bathroom can be a painful and overwhelming experience each time. For this reason, many seniors skip going to the bathroom entirely. Factors like slippery bathroom tiles, cold water, or dim lighting can make bathing uncomfortable for seniors and can lead to anxiety about taking a shower or bathing.
  • Mobility issues
    Another reason why your senior loved one may refuse to bathe might be due to mobility issues. Experiencing a bad fall can make seniors more fearful to bathe on their own. In this case, it’s best to seek the assistance of a reputable home health care agency to ensure their needs are met.

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