Signs that Indicate a Need for Home Health Care

Signs that Indicate a Need for Home Health Care

Talking to your aging parents or an elderly family member about receiving home health services in California may not go so well the first time around. In many cases, older adults are hesitant to receive professional care or additional support for they fear that their independence may be reduced. However, recognizing the signs they need help is crucial to support healthy aging.

Likewise, today’s blog will discuss the signs that indicate a need for home health care:

  • Missed appointments and obligations.

    Although a missed appointment or two is no cause for concern, frequently missing obligations and meetings is a sign of forgetfulness. Forgetfulness may also lead to challenges in driving and navigating public transit and missed meals or medications.

  • Mobility or vision issues.

    When you notice your parent having difficulty standing up or seeing clearly, it’s time to turn to a trusted home health care agency. This may be caused by arthritis or conditions like glaucoma, which increases their risk of falls.

  • Poor personal hygiene and a messy home.

    Poor hygiene is usually caused by a decline in senses or fear and discomfort for bathing. A messy home is also a sign your parent may have difficulty performing light housekeeping. All this puts them at risk for infection.

  • Financial mismanagement.

    Financial trouble that includes bounced checks or late payment notices is another sign it’s time to seek professional help. This may be attributed to forgetfulness or cognitive decline, which can affect other areas of their life.

Is it time to transition into home health care in Newark, California? If so, we at Meridian Home Health are happy to make the transition as seamless as possible. Get in touch with us to schedule an assessment with our staff.

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