Tips: How to Care for Bed Sores

Tips: How to Care for Bed Sores

Bed sores – or pressure ulcers – are common occurrences when our loved ones have limited mobility and confined mostly to the bed or wheelchair. These are painful skin breakouts that can be relieved when properly attended to. Our professional providers of home health care in Newark, California can assist you in caring for these occurrences so that complications can be reduced.

  • Change Position
    Because pressure ulcers can be painful, your loved one can experience relief when you change their position at least every two hours. Ensure that someone can assist them in regularly changing positions.
  • Use Elevation Props
    Pressure ulcers can get aggravated the more that your loved one keeps contact with a surface. Make use of pillows, foam pads, or other soft items that can elevate their body parts at a certain time to avoid much pressure.
  • Dress the Wound
    The wounds that pressure ulcers cause can be an entry point for infection. Ensure that these are washed and dressed properly. A home health care agency can provide you with skilled nurses who can administer such proper care.
  • Replace Bed
    If necessary, make use of special mattresses that are able to protect the skin. There are now special foams and mattresses that are specifically designed to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.
  • Lubricate the Skin
    The common cause of pressure ulcer is dry skin and broken skin. Ensure that your loved one’s skin is properly moisturized and lubricated with a product that is ideal for their skin type and age so that skin pressure ulcers are prevented.
  • Ensure Good Nutrition
    Boost your loved one’s immune system so that wound healing can be facilitated quicker. If necessary, consult with a professional dietician to know which kinds of foods are ideal for better recovery.

If your bedbound loved one is developing pressure ulcers, know that you can get assistance from our team providing quality home health services in California. Set an appointment with us at Meridian Home Health so your loved one’s painful condition can be alleviated.

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