Tips to Manage Diabetes in Older Adults


If you are looking after a family member with diabetes, there is a good chance you are helping them keep their symptoms in check. In doing so, one can avoid long-term complications that stem from uncontrolled diabetes, including hearing impairment, kidney failure, skin infections, and more.

As a trusted provider of home health services in California, we will share effective tips for managing diabetes in older adults:

  • Make lifestyle changes together

    Lifestyle changes like switching to a healthier diet and getting enough exercise are often easier when done with another person. By committing to make small, healthy changes together, you can show your support and encourage them to do better each time.

  • Coordinate medications

    Talk to your senior loved one’s physician and home health care agency. This allows you to coordinate their medications and stay on top of their prescriptions, daily doses, and medication schedule. This also includes attending doctor’s appointments with them.

  • Seek support from a professional

    There’s nothing wrong with seeking additional assistance from a provider of home health care in Newark, California. Home care agencies like Meridian Home Health offer several services that include monitoring of symptoms, diabetic management instructions, and more. By working hand-in-hand, we can support your loved ones and manage their symptoms at home.

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