Bathroom Modifications to Keep Seniors Safe

Bathroom Modifications to Keep Seniors Safe

Bathroom safety is one of the important aspects of providing quality care to our senior loved ones who prefer to age at home. Since the bathroom is the place where many elderly accidents take place, it should have the correct modifications so that your loved one can be safe here.

Safety is also our main intent for you and your loved one as a home health care agency. If your aging loved ones are staying with you at home, ensure that your bathroom is modified to ensure and preserve a senior person’s safety.

  • Put Up Grab Bars
    These bars are what seniors can hold on to whenever they need to walk around, go to the shower, or get down and up from the toilet seat. Equipping your bathroom with these bars can increase your chances of protecting your aging loved one.
  • Brighten up the Lights
    Ensure that the lights in the bathroom are very bright so that your loved one can see the room clearly. They will not be at risk of tripping on something just because they have not seen it properly.
  • Ensure Step-free Entry
    The entrance to the bathroom should not have any step that can be a cause for seniors to trip over.
  • Install Shower Seats
    Your senior loved one will mostly prefer to take a bath on their own. They can do so when they are safe inside and letting them sit on a shower seat can be helpful. A provider of home health care in Newark, California can also assist your senior loved one in bathing.
  • Ensure Slip-resistant Falls
    Since the floors are the common causes of trips, ensure that your floors are non-slip or that it contains a lot of grout to maintain traction.

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