Top 8 Essentials When Taking Vitamins

Top 8 Essentials When Taking Vitamins

As a provider of home health care in Newark, California, let us share with you the following essential information when it comes to taking vitamins. If you’re helping a loved one with their vitamin monitoring, keep the following items in mind:

  1. Vitamins and well-balanced diet go together. Vitamins will never be able to replace full meals. So, ensure that your loved one is still eating their balanced meals while they take vitamins.
  2. Take only FDA regulated vitamins. Before taking any vitamin outside your doctor’s prescription, verify their nutritional content first. A great online resource will be
  3. Vitamins can react with certain medications. The reaction can affect the way your body absorbs the vitamins. Inquire from the doctor or pharmacist whether your vitamins work well with existing medication.
  4. Vitamins also react to certain foods. To help you in learning more about these kinds of vitamins, consult with your doctor or pharmacist. A provider of home health services in California can accompany you in these appointments.
  5. The iron vitamin needs to be taken in the recommended amount and frequency. The patient should not take more than what is required especially if they don’t have iron deficiency issues. Excess iron is unhealthy for the liver.
  6. Vitamins are also not ideal to be taken in excess. No matter which vitamin it is, overdosage can bring in more risks to your health. Follow the recommended dosage.
  7. Vitamin B12 is ideal for persons who don’t eat meat. Because this vitamin is found mainly in meats, people who despise meat may need to take food supplements. Vitamin B12 is essential in breaking down folate and protecting one’s nervous system.
  8. Vitamins that are in oil form or are probiotics need to be stored in refrigerators to preserve their potency. For assistance in storing your medications and vitamins, care providers from a home health care agency can help you.

For more help in managing vitamins, set an appointment with us at Meridian Home Health.

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